It’s Not You, It’s Me


I get it.

I dug too hard. I posted too much. I was too inflammatory. I was offensive.

What I’m alluding to is that I’ve lost some friends coming out of the atheist closet. Luckily, the people that have mattered the most in my life are all still here and accounted for, but I’ve lost lots of friends. Not just ones I’ve not kept in touch with well and acquaintances I’ve always wished I’d been able to get to know more, but a handful of people that have meant a good deal to me over the years. Continue reading


Thanks for the Condescension!

flip desk

A friend on facebook posted at her frustration of atheists either mocking or being critical of God or Christianity if they don’t believe in it.

I responded in kind about how her claim does hold some merit (none of us blog about not believing in Santa), but fails to comprehend the pain people go through while leaving the faith, that it also¬†doesn’t empathize with the loneliness that can only be helped through finding others of similar mind on the internet and finally, that others can be helped with us being vocal.

My response was kind, respectful and helpful. Unfortunately, someone I didn’t know responded, in a very, very long single paragraph, about how she loves me and that she prays for me and that when I die I’ll know the truth. That God will reveal himself and my free will is god’s gift to me, but that it’ll be my undoing.

The condescension was staggering so I wrote a response, but when I attempted to post, the original author of the frustrated status had deleted the post in it’s entirety.

So, feeling no vindication at putting this ill informed woman properly in her place, I’m just posting my response here for¬†sanity. Continue reading