35 Years Old and Half Dead

So, this is it? Pretty much halfway there give or take.

Feeling good. Feeling pretty good.

Fighting to keep my hair from leaving me. The laugh lines are ever deeper and ‘The Battle of the Gut’ is always in full swing, neither side willing to relinquish control over the geographic location known as my tummy.

I have 2 wonderfully funny, kind and affectionate children and a wife that still thinks I’m pretty funny, if not still a little too crass at times.

I feel a good bit less about some things than I used to and an overwhelming amount more about things I’d never considered.

I’m more or less tired most of the time and figure people are, usually, good individually, but terrible in groups.

I still enjoy nothing more than laughing until I cry and cherish time with my friends as we bend elbows at a local place of delicious brown beverages that make me laugh harder and louder than normal.

I’ve lost some people I loved immensely and miss them daily, but have been blessed with more love because of it.

Been in more fistfights in my life than your average next 2 or 3 guys combined. Done some walloping of my peers and also had the shit kicked out of me.

My cage is generally rather hard to rattle, but I still fear leaving my family early more than anything else on this floating rock.

I’ve rather enjoyed this first 35 years and am looking forward to seeing what happens in the next 35 should I be so lucky to make it there.


3 thoughts on “35 Years Old and Half Dead

  1. Hello (I think it’s Nate) –
    I was going through some bookmarked blog posts and discovered one of yours from 2014. The one that consists of a letter to a concerned mother, from an atheist son (something like that, anyway). I bookmarked it because of my involvement on another blogger’s site – a christian’s – and sent it to her, to send along to another mother who was in that exact same spot (having an offspring who had become an atheist, that is). By her comments on the blog we were on, I don’t think it was well-received. She never did indicate that she had even read it, which I found sad — it was such a wonderful letter. But I tried. 🙂 I see that you had a 35th birthday lately, which means you are younger than our youngest of four. I am genuinely amazed at some of the wisdom being dispensed by the young people I’m in contact with online – it gives me much hope for a better tomorrow.
    I just wanted to wish a happy belated and I have noted that you’ve attracted some of my favourite bloggers . . . that’s a great testament to your abilities.

    • Thanks so much for the incredibly kind words, Carmen, and for sharing your story about passing on that letter. I wish I knew who wrote it because it was….perfect.

      It’s sad that that woman you spoke of probably didn’t read it and I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t. Why not try and better understand what a loved one may be experiencing? Wouldn’t that allow you to better love them?

      People can be so maddening.

      Best wishes to you and yours!

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