The Best Damn Songs You’ve Never Heard – Volume #1

Music has long been a passion of mine. Few other mediums can transport me like music can.

I’ve been told by a handful of people that I have one of the most diverse palettes for sound and music of anyone they’ve ever known.

With that super lame qualification out of the way, I gift you….


volume 1

Song – Run Boy Run

Artist – Woodkid

Why It’s Amazing – Listen to that percussion! Sunuvabitch make you getup and march! Or charge a damn white city with your spirit animals! Not only will this song get the blood pumping and have you ready to bunch a fish in the damn face, the orchestral swell in the 2nd half of the song is immensely powerful and moving.

It creates a cacophony of sound that you wish you could turn up to level 1 million and somehow be enveloped in its beauty. Disappearing into the sounds and becoming one with them.

Killer song. Killer organization. Killer video.


Song – Boy From School

Artist – Hot Chip

Why It’s Amazing – How’d you like to start tapping them white out of sync toes of yours? I know I would!

This song balances retro funk, pop and hypnotic vocals pretty damn well and it’s just a joy to listen to.

Can never listen to this one too much.


Song – Good Cop Bad Cop

Artist – Prom Queen

Why It’s Amazing – Feeling tired? Would you like a lullaby about unrelenting violence on people that have done you wrong to lull you to sleep? This is your song!

It’s a kind of goofy song that is hard to classify as it’s barely long enough to even be classified as “song” in a traditional sense, but it’s catchy as hell, funny and speaks to our more primal minds.

You’re welcome.


Song – Batholomew

Artist – The Silent Comedy

Why It’s Amazing – “Oh my God, please help me, knee deep in the river trying to be clean! He says, ‘Wash your hands get out the stains, but you best believe, boy, there’s hell to pay! YEAH, YOU BEST BELIEVE, BOY, THERE’S HELL TO PAY!'”

Come on….that’s a great damn opening lyric and sets the tone of the song: we’re in a world of hurt.


Song – Mecca (SOHN Remix)

Artist – Wild Beasts

Why It’s Amazing – Because it’s haunting, trippy and that dude’s got a pretty great falsetto.

This one was a recent find, but it’s one that get’s tons of play in my digital library.


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