Thanks for the Condescension!

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A friend on facebook posted at her frustration of atheists either mocking or being critical of God or Christianity if they don’t believe in it.

I responded in kind about how her claim does hold some merit (none of us blog about not believing in Santa), but fails to comprehend the pain people go through while leaving the faith, that it also doesn’t empathize with the loneliness that can only be helped through finding others of similar mind on the internet and finally, that others can be helped with us being vocal.

My response was kind, respectful and helpful. Unfortunately, someone I didn’t know responded, in a very, very long single paragraph, about how she loves me and that she prays for me and that when I die I’ll know the truth. That God will reveal himself and my free will is god’s gift to me, but that it’ll be my undoing.

The condescension was staggering so I wrote a response, but when I attempted to post, the original author of the frustrated status had deleted the post in it’s entirety.

So, feeling no vindication at putting this ill informed woman properly in her place, I’m just posting my response here for sanity.


Thanks for the concern, Brenda, but I’m well aware of the bible story and was full on fire for Jesus for much of my life.

I was encouraged by my pastor at the time to look and search and doubt and that “all truth is god’s truth.” The result wasn’t what he was betting on.

There’s nothing you could tell me about Jesus or the bible I don’t already know and being frank, I probably know more than you and most theists you know. I’ve searched the stars for god and cried out to him and pleaded for him to reveal himself and yet, my cries were unanswered.

As humans, we see what we want to see and amazingly, all other gods and religions are wrong except, you guessed it, the one you were born into! Lucky!

The Great Commission is grand and all and I’m well aware of why people continually tell me I’m going to hell, but please make a case for your beliefs and we can validate them. Feelings or a book that validates itself circularly isn’t compelling argumentation.

Also, there’s no documentation outside of the bible that is evidence to Jesus, if such a person existed, to having been raised from the dead.

Look into Apollonius of Tyana, a man that existed around the time of Jesus and performed miracles and had disciples and yes, we even have writings in his own words, unlike Jesus.

The reason Christianity is alive now is thanks to Constantine. Not because of its validity.

Again, I sincerely appreciate your heart, but the methods used do nothing but show lack of compassion, an inability to understand the other person’s point of view and also condescends to me personally because it assumes you’re right and I’m wrong.

Speaking of free will, what say did I have into being born? None. With such an awful place as hell to possibly end up in, wouldn’t it be better to never have been born? Every soul throw into hell is a testament to the failure of Jesus.

A god as powerful as usually described would have the ability to reveal itself, yet it’s chosen to hide in the clouds and value faith over fact. A feeling is more important than knowing and believing the right thing is more important than living a good life.

Frankly, the god you serve doesn’t sound moral, fair, kind or loving. He killed himself, sure. What a great guy! But only to save us from who, Brenda? Himself.

He killed himself to save us from his wrath if we don’t love him. That doesn’t sound good at all.

It’s an abusive relationship at best. A wife batterer that says “I love you, but if you don’t love me back….you get beaten with this bat forever.”

I’m sorry. It was not my intention to turn this post into “this” post, but Brenda’s condescension needed to be addressed. To make such massive assumptions about things that nobody could possibly know for certain and then to pass judgement on me and others in unbelief because you’re doing the “Lord’s work” is a gross way to love people.
Please understand that I know your heart, I lived it for years and see it in my friends and family, but it’s wrong. If you really believe it’s up to your god to save us, then let him do so and you can take a day off. Like you said, this is our one short life to live. Might as well be spent without the worry of the destiny of the souls of strangers.

Or hell, maybe we’ll all die and be greeted by a really angry Zeus. Wouldn’t that be something?!


6 thoughts on “Thanks for the Condescension!

  1. Oh the “very, very long single paragraph” comment 🙂 I like to take a photo of these and then repost the photo in the comments when they erase it. Is that wrong?

    I feel like this is the number one conversation I have, and maybe 75% of my blog posts deal with explaining how losing faith actually happens.

    • Not wrong. It’s so very right! haha

      Yeah, I’ve stepped back a lot from engaging in these talks as it’s just a good way to raise the blood pressure, but I only said something as a means to explain the reasons for these posts. I didn’t expect Christine the All Loving, No Judgment Intended Christian to respond.


  2. This: “I’ve searched the stars for god and cried out to him and pleaded for him to reveal himself and yet, my cries were unanswered.”

    As my faith was crumbling I figured god would know how to save me from unbelief. I was desperate and willing to do anything, but he never showed up. I realized then that god doesn’t exist.

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