Christianity, Marriage, Logs and Cherry Picking

SCOTUS has now made gay marriage legal in all of the USA. This is a wonderful thing. Feel free to shout ‘MURICA’ at the top of your lungs or shoot your semi-automatic rifle in the air in celebration at this momentous moment in history or….you know….don’t….because….bible.

Over and over and over I see conservative and fundamental Christians, the ones opposing same sex marriage, posting the biblical definition of marriage and the short version is this: “It’s Adam and Eve not ADAM AND STEVE!”


What really gets my goat is that these same people rant over and over that it’s not coming from a place of hatred or ill will, it’s simply a lifestyle choice they disagree with! They even have gay friends! Love the sinner, hate the sin and all that.

Sadly, what these people fail to grasp is that being gay is not a lifestyle choice, it’s their actual identity. Me eating unhealthy amounts of Little Debbie Donuts is a lifestyle choice. Me being born a male is part of my identity. I have no say in that. Playing video games after my kids are asleep is part of my lifestyle and it’s my choice. Being a heterosexual is part of my identity. I didn’t choose to be straight.

For all of you that still think being gay is a choice, tell me, when did you choose to be straight? At what moment in your life did you come to a fork in the road and said, “Nope. I don’t like people of my same sex in that way. I’d prefer to bump uglies with the opposite sex!”

You can’t think of that moment because it never happened. Your sexuality wasn’t a choice. It just was.

This is the same for gays. Sure there are bisexual people out there that can swing both ways and more power to them, but don’t sit there all pompous and act morally superior because you chose heterosexuality and they didn’t. It’s no more a choice than the color of your skin or if you have a penis or vagina.

p and v

So, instead of saying that you don’t have an issue with gays and that you just don’t agree with their lifestyle, instead, please be honest with what you say and declare, “I know gay people and I have a problem with their identity!”

The most shocking part is that they declare love for these people, but then immediately say in an indirect way, “But I don’t want them to have the same rights as me.” If you can’t see why this is unkind or unloving then your moral compass is way off. Sorry bout ya.

I’ve seen a couple strong conservative believers, and believe it or not they’re the ones I respect the most in an odd sense, take a firm stand and say, “If we go against the bible here, where will it end?! Will we throw out the resurrection next?” So they cling to the text and I actually respect their consistency….except for all that Old Testament crap that was so amazingly well shown in this great clip from West Wing:

Have you ever seen Les Miserables? I love it because it’s an amazing morally complex story about what is right, true and just.

During almost the entire movie, the good guy, Jean Valjean, is on the run from a high ranking police official known as Javert.


These two men are both men of God and both feel they are doing what is right, but one focuses on the love of God and the other focuses on the strict justice of the same God.

Seeing the infighting amongst followers of the same book feels a lot like watching Jean Valjean and Javert duke it out. Jean Valjean says, “God loves all and grace and mercy abound and isn’t life wonderful! Love one another in all things!” Javert says, “Homosexuality is an abomination! It must not become law of the land! This will lead to more and more depravity and our once great nation is circling the toilet bowl!”

Admittedly, I may have taken liberty with what they might say, but I feel their interpretations of the same God are valid when talking about these 2 groups of believers: one focused on love and inclusion and the other focused on law.

The wonderfully ironic thing about this fighting is that it is all interpretation of the same book. They’re using the same text and vastly disagree and both feel they are right. Therein lies a massive problem for your religion. Sorry your perfect god didn’t lay it out clear enough that everyone could agree on one thing. I’ve been a part of churches that literally split because they couldn’t agree on baptisms. What?

What the conservatives seem to keep forgetting is that they’re constantly living in sin in much the same way they view homosexuals are and yet, they never damn themselves. Impure thoughts, divorce, swearing, coveting, hate and heck, even calling someone a “fool” can get your ass throw in fire eternally according to Matthew 5:22.

So why do so many believers gang up on the gays? It’s simple, because the gays are in the minority and it’s easier to pick on them than look at themselves and see the log in their own eye as discussed in Matthew 7:5.

When was the last time you saw believers up in arms over divorce, something the bible speaks against? The correct answer is always “never.”

I guess I actually have a hard time wrapping my head around why the same Christians that support separation of church and state are so opposed to the state acting outside of what it feels is right by their religion. Is this not a contradiction? Please explain if it’s not.


Or maybe they like the sound of separation of church and state until they feel it doesn’t go their way. I think that’s more of what they’re honestly feeling.

Nobody feels more oppressed than that massive majority that’s finally not getting everything the way they want!


I guess I’m just writing out of frustration at those so opposed to equality. If it’s love you declare your Lord Jesus is all about, then why are you opposed to equality for all? Wouldn’t the same god that you feel made everyone also love everyone? Does it hate its own creation for the way it created it?

If you claim the moral high ground then why do your rules appear to be based on arbitrary moral codes written when it was okay for a rapist to marry the woman he raped so long as he paid the father like in Deuteronomy 22:28-29?

Maybe you’re afraid of the gays for the same reasons Joe Rogan thinks you are:


After all, studies show that the more homophobic you are, the more likely you are to be gay yourself. Just sayin’.

Trust me, if you’re around me and I hear you use the word “faggot” or “queer” in an overtly negative way, I only picture you sucking on a penis. Sorry, but that’s where my mind goes. I’m unsaved trash afterall.

If you find yourself offended at this or totally disagreeing or about to write me off, let me leave you with this, your ways of thinking and believing are finally dying off. All statistics and studies show that church attendance is in a large decline as more and more people have grown tired of your ways of doing things and overt bigotry to others.

“Love wins” and it will indirectly be what kills conservative and fundamental belief and tradition.

Most of our great grandparents and grandparents were overt racists and didn’t want integration of blacks into white schools. In another 50 years your ideals will also go the way of the dinosaurs along with people that still write checks.

Senior Woman Writing Check

Just hurry up and die already.

So work on loving one another. Focus on this Jesus guy that loved people and hung out with prostitutes and stop raising your own blood pressure.

Society is moving forward, so hop on the Progress Express that’s departing for Equality City, have a few drinks and shake those hips!



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