Why You Should Care About the Cancellation of ‘The Interview’


the interview

As I’m sure almost everyone reading this already knows, Sony’s ‘The Interview’ has been cancelled for its Christmas release due to threats of immense violence to theaters that screen it.

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Two Years Later – 10 Things I’ve Learned

lessonIt’s been well over two years now since I first admitted to myself that I no longer believed in a god. Two years. Wow. That isn’t a massive amount of time by any stretch of the imagination, but when I look at all that has transpired in those two short years, I’m astounded at what I’ve learned, how I’ve grown and what I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life. Continue reading

Celebrating Ignorance with Joel Osteen


I’m sorry but this guy is dangerous and spreading nonsense to millions of people. Why people send this man more and more money truly baffles me. It’s a celebration of ignorance and an assurance that feeling and intuition trumps information and data. It’s gross.

Maybe it’s time to convert to the prosperity gospel and spout off nonsense that makes people feel good and rake in piles of cash.

As much as I love to hate on the guy, I’ve got to give it to him. He’s a phenomenal salesman.

It reminds me of a great moment and line from the amazing flick “There Will Be Blood.” After Daniel Plainview, an oil man and capitalist, watches a preacher named Eli do a faith healing and cast out demons, Daniel sees through the performance and looks at Eli and says sincerely, “That was one Goddamn hell of a show.”