Movie Review – Interstellar

My review of Interstellar.



Director – Christopher Nolan

Writers – Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan

Starring – Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine, Jessica Chastain

Runtime – 169min

I’m a pretty big Christopher Nolan fan, but I had some reservations going into this movie. I’m a fan because Nolan has some seriously impressive flicks under his belt like Inception, The Prestige, The Dark Knight and my favorite, Memento. My reservations come from the fact that he also has a floppish mess in The Dark Knight Rises, but I’ll get to that debacle in another post.

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Not too long ago I posted about how I was done blogging about religion and unbelief. That that chapter of my life is closed and that I have closure with my departure from faith.

I’m posting this here now to tell you about my new project that I’m kicking off today called Dork Fury. I’m reblogging our first post here in hopes that you’ll not only stop by the site, but also “Follow” it so we can keep in touch.

It’s a site dedicated to the things I still love to do and a safe place where you can let your Dork Flag fly.

Thanks for reading and stopping by. I hope you’ll find places where you can comment and feel included.

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Dead Captive Audience,

Dork Fury is run by 3 friends with a vast array of tastes and love for all things dork, nerd and/or dweeb. While many people grew up and out of their passions as kids, we’ve proudly retained our joy and excitement for the things we still love today.

Here you’ll find us talking about film, comics, music, art, games, Legos and maybe even a terrible limerick to roll your eyes and melt your heart.

We strive to have new content up throughout the weeks and hope that you make Dork Fury a common stopping ground for not only something to read, but a great place to engage in friendly dialogue.

So stop by often and comment when you feel compelled to.


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