My Sincere Request For You To Stop Telling Me You’re Praying For Me

prayer_request_buttonI’ve written about prayer on and off in the past, but this post will be much different. It’s a sincere request for you to stop praying for me or, at least, stop telling me you’re praying for me.

The longer I’ve been in unbelief the more and more this ever present issue bothers me. To the believer, I’m sure it’s an astoundingly dumb thing to get bothered over, but to the unbeliever, it’s very passive aggressive and, given enough time and repetition, downright insulting.

I’ve been hearing it much more the past month than normal so felt I should just issue a blanket request to please stop.

Do know that I am fully aware of the love and good intention behind every “I’m praying for you,” but please be aware that it is passive aggressive. When you know full well that I don’t put any stock into the ideas of gods and continually tell me you’re praying for me, it’s just rude. I understand you think you’re being helpful and even encouraging, but you’re not. You’re reminding me of how wrong you assume my position is while touting your belief in my face as absolute truth.

What if at every parting I told you that I was praying to Apollo for you? Or that Apollo is working wonders in your life? Or that Apollo told me to tell you that he cares for you? Wouldn’t that eventually grow tiresome?

While I’ve never said it before, I do know some atheists that when told, “I’m praying for you,” will respond with, “I’ll think for you.” Maybe it’s time to flip to that strategy just to shake things up?

If you really feel that your god has everything in control and anything is within it’s power, why tell me you’re praying for me? What purpose does it serve to inform me of your prayer? Is your god not powerful enough to do it’s miracles unless you inform the person you’re praying for them?

Basically, I’ve just grown most tired of someone trying to sell me the idea of a loving god that would happily help me in trivial tasks, but not help the 9 million children that die every year before the age of 5. When viewed in the light of real torment and misery, it’s narcissistic and arrogant to assume that a god that allows suffering on such a massive scale would take time to help me in some menial task.

So, please do me a great favor as a friend or loved one and stop telling me you’re praying for me. I’m weary of hearing it and have tired of smiling and nodding and saying “thanks” so as to not suffer through a long dialogue about why I’d appreciate you to stop telling me that.

With all that in mind, may the God of Healing and Light, Apollo, guide you and keep you well. May His face shine on you and your loved ones and may you know the peace of living life in Him.

Be blessed.



12 thoughts on “My Sincere Request For You To Stop Telling Me You’re Praying For Me

  1. I hate that “I’ll pray for you” garbage. Otherwise known as “I’ll do nothing, but pretend I’m helping.” I’ve been known to answer them back, “And may you be Touched by His Noodly Appendage”.

    Another possibility is to answer something like this: “There are a lot of people in the world that need praying for much more than I do. If your prayers actually work, please pray for the starving children to be fed, those with horrible diseases to be healed, and for all the amputees to have their limbs grow back. Once god has taken care of them, then you can pray for me.”

    • All good responses, but generally fall into annoying talk I’d rather not get wrapped up into, My breaking point is about reached tho, so it’ll probably start happening soon.

      • Yes, the right strategy usually depends on whether you are just trying to end the conversation as quickly as possible, or actually willing to get into a conversation with them. It’s tricky letting them know they sound like a smug asshole, and should cut it out, while simultaneously shutting down further discussion on the topic. I haven’t got that fully figured out yet.

    • Do you think it depends on what the believer is going to pray for? Like if they’re praying for your conversion, vs. praying for some good thing to happen for you (recovery from illness, getting a job you interviewed for, etc.).

      • Not really. If they know that I’m not a believer, then it shows that they don’t respect my beliefs but want me to respect theirs. If they think it’ll help, fine. But why announce it to me?

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  3. Dang- I love reading your posts. I’ve read something where back in the 50’s, many people in the UK prayed for the health of the Royal Family every night in their prayers. Someone did a study and found that there were not any more healthy than anyone else. Shock. 🙂 My mother-in-law always “prays” for my family, and it never yields anything different. We are happy with or without her passive aggressive prayers. I love the saying: “Two hands working do more than a thousand clasped in prayer”. Or better yet, I saw a T-shirt with a pair of praying hands on the front that read: STOP TALKING TO YOURSELF. 🙂 Keep up the good work Nathan!

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