The Ultimate Dick Move

When I went public with my unbelief I became very popular. Not because I was elevated in social status, but because people couldn’t wait to tell me how wrong I was.

Friends, loved ones and even people I barely knew as acquaintances were all looking for an opportunity to pick my brain and show me the fault in my reasoning. I’ll admit it was exciting for me. It wasn’t until I stated that I recognized no gods that I really found out the massive variations of belief. The lengths and stretches in thinking people take to rationalize the dogmas of belief with the realities of the world. Some found the bible to be completely and totally infallible, containing no errors. Others recognized errors and barbarism and instead focused on Jesus. And even others that identify as Christian, but really think that there’s no correct perception or idea of the actual real god due to the limitations of our minds.

In most all of my talks with believers there comes a point where they finally say something along the lines of, “God’s plan is higher than our understanding. We’re not capable of comprehending it so how could you ever hope to understand it?”

It’s usually at this point where I completely throw all tact out the window because this, if it were true, would be the greatest dick move a god could make.

Let me explain my thinking. So, a god makes a plan that includes an eternal life after death. This eternal life has two polar opposites: heaven and hell. One is a paradise and the other is eternal torment and damnation. Then he creates the creatures that will end up at either one of these places with minds too simple to understand him. Minds incapable of comprehending the complexity and perfectness of his grand plan. He also makes it so his existence is easily debatable and would rather us believe based on faith, which allows us to believe in any crazy thing, than in knowledge.

When his creation, that was purposefully designed by himself to be dumb in the ways of his complexity, fails to believe or recognize him, he then throws them in hell.

What psychopath does such a thing? Would any parent dream of treating their child in this way? Purposefully withhold information from them and then beat them mercilessly because they didn’t understand something you had hid from them. Something you didn’t equip them to know. They were just supposed to figure it out based on nothing.

Who does such a thing and, more importantly, why do people that rationalize god in this way not see the horror in their reasoning?

Someone once told me an analogy of hell. They told me that they swat their child’s hand if they reach for the hot stove. They don’t swat their hand because they enjoy it, but the exact opposite, to keep them from getting burned.

I was happy to relay how quickly this analogy falls apart. You see, the stove and the fire on it are very real. We can see the stove and the fire. We can feel the heat. We have no such certainty of heaven or hell or god. Just the fear based thinking that hell surely awaits those that don’t accept Jesus into their heart.

So, if there were a god and it made us incapable to understand it and then throws us into hell, the hell it created and established the rules by which to get there, then it’s truly more monstrous than I ever imagined.

Jokingly, I like to quip that I’m thankful god made me an atheist. I couldn’t possibly live a full and happy life under such a totalitarian and harsh ruler where thought crime is the ultimate evil and faith is revered more than knowledge.


9 thoughts on “The Ultimate Dick Move

  1. Ah…but didn’t you realise, you were never really a Crispyun’. Surely this has been pointed put to you…interminably?

    And they eventually went from praying for to preying upon.
    They are quite silly, are they not?

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