I’m Not Mad At God

I’ve had some interactions recently that have surprised me in that I get the nagging suspicion that people still think I’m not really a non-believer in god. That I’m still a believer, but I’m rebelling and mad at god for some past pains in my life.

It’s a little shocking that I can be as brutally honest as I have been and write continually on the topic of atheism and people still assume I’m a believer. That my anger and pain are masking my true love and knowledge for god.

Please allow me to dispel any confusion. As an atheist I fail to recognize any gods as being valid, real or having reason or merit for belief. I am not declaring with absolute certainty that there are no gods, but that there are none currently known to man that have enough evidence to claim as being true. All religions and all gods are equally untainted with evidence.

Saying or thinking that I’m angry with god is as silly as saying I’m mad at Santa Claus. The statement doesn’t make sense. You can’t be mad at something you don’t believe to be real.

Let me ask you this: do you believe in leprechauns? No? Why do you hate leprechauns so much? Let go of your anger at leprechauns!

Pretty silly, right?

Atheism is the default position on the claims of the existence of gods. Just as not believing in the Loch Ness monster is the default position as there’s no evidence to make a case for it. If evidence were to be brought forth for either god or the Loch Ness then you could investigate and determine if these claims are true.

For the sake of this rant let’s say that I fully believe in the Loch Ness monster. I believe it on faith and with my whole heart because I’ve read some eye witness accounts that I feel are credible. If 20 years from now someone found definitive and conclusive proof that the Loch Ness monster is a real thing, then my beliefs from 20 years ago still wouldn’t have been rational or justified. Even if, in the end, I was ultimately right.

I will admit that I do have frustrations with religion, but that’s wholly different than being mad at god. It’s hard not to be a bit disgusted at religion when you have young girls killing themselves to be with dead relatives.

I just wanted to put up this short post to clearly state that I’m not mad at your god or any god. If I don’t believe in such a thing it makes no sense that I could be mad at it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a sasquatch expedition to lead.


8 thoughts on “I’m Not Mad At God

  1. Liked your post. I think the real issue with the “angry atheist” stereotype is not that atheists are angry at someone they think doesn’t exist, or that atheists are angry in general. It’s situational: Christians often insult atheists, and people of all stripes get angry in that specific situation. The real question Christians should be asking is: What am I doing that makes atheists angry with me? Such a question, however, requires taking personal responsibility.

  2. It is amazing that some theist refuse to accept that someone can have no belief in a god. However they can accept that someone can believe in another god. Its really is that they accept irrationality over rationality.

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  4. It seems for theists the New(ly converted) Atheist must be some sort of aberration, (‘This isn’t happening man, it ain’t happening”’ – thank you, Corporal Hicks, Aliens) and more of an indictment of their own faith than a long-standing Old Atheist.

    The ”Newbie”, fresh out from the pews, has heard all the arguments, knows all the scripture, studied almost every related book, faced all the emotional turmoil, family scorn, lost friends, being bitten by the Pastor reborn Alsatian dog, prayed(sic) til his knee bled and his hands seized and yet still had the balls to admit, : “Nope, this is a crock of es aitch one T” and simply, walk away.

    That type of simple common sense is enough for them to consider you have been taken over by Satan.

    Well, good for you, say I.
    Welcome to the light.

    You’ll like this bloke’s blog. and you both have the same name!
    Say Hi from me when you visit.

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