I’m an atheist. There. I said it.

A good number of you already know this and the vast majority don’t, but I hold no notion of gods, an afterlife or anything supernatural.

I’ll write a separate post that goes into the problems I faced and the journey that brought me to atheism, but now isn’t the time. I simply wanted to get it out there to clear any confusion that people may have had.

So, what’s an atheist? Very simply an atheist is a person that denies or doesn’t believe in the existence of a supreme being. This doesn’t mean they’re heathens, immoral, democrats, extreme liberals, baby killers or satan worshippers. They simply don’t believe in gods.

The reason it’s taken me over a year to “come out” publicly is that there were a handful of people that I knew would be devastated by the news. Those people have recently been told so now I’m telling everyone else.

Sorry for this post being a bit straight forward and lacking panache, but I couldn’t find a way to dress it up.

Until next time….


2 thoughts on “I’m an atheist. There. I said it.

  1. Guess I’m one of those who didn’t know. Glad to hear you sharing the things that are hard to say out loud. Love ya buddy. Looking forward to hanging out sometime soon!

    • Well, you know now!

      It’s just nice to talk openly about my atheism. No shame about it at all!

      I was just delaying the public announcement until some family heard it directly from me.

      Def looking forward to seeing you, brother.

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