Dear Vanity

Dear Vanity,

Hello, my name is Nathan Pratt.  Almost nobody calls me Nathan and only my oldest friends know me as Pratt.  You’re welcome to refer to me as Nate, Pratt, The Fuzz, Bug Eyes or Nips.

I’m a 30 year old married man with 2 outstanding kids.  I’m married to an amazing woman that is not only beautiful in looks, but also in heart.  She’s the best mother and wife a guy could ever hope for.

I love reading, meaningful discussion, mindless banter, film and video games and there’s almost no force on this planet that moves me more than music.

I’ve been told by numerous people, a whopping three to be exact, that I should start putting my thoughts down somewhere.  That I’m good with…..words.  That’s why I’m here.

I’ve also been told by numerous individuals that I’m the most honest person they’ve ever known.  Sadly, this can make me look a bit callous or cold, but it’s never my intention.  At one point I even had a roommate tell me I might be the least sensitive person he’s ever met.  So I’d found that my love of honesty and directness isn’t always mutually appreciated.  It’s just that long ago I’d come to learn that beating around the bush wears your arms out.

What do I hope will come of unpacking my thoughts onto this electric paper?  When it gets down to it I’d like people to see beyond the me they know or think they know.  During college I’d started to realize that many people have the wrong perception of me and I have nobody to blame for that but myself.  Always going for laughs (and sometimes successfully!) as a kid and teen ends up building your persona a certain way until it’s ingrained into the fabric of who you are and who people perceive you to be.

I want a safe place to unpack my brain and be brutally honest with myself and others.

I hope you’ll take something out of what I have to say.


Nate/Pratt/The Fuzz/Bug Eyes and/or Nips

P.S. Sorry I went on a bit long, Vanity.  Is there anything you’d like to tell me about yourself?


4 thoughts on “Dear Vanity

  1. Nate, I’m super excited about your new endeavor. As you know I’ve always loved your honesty, and find it inconvenient that people aren’t as blunt as you. By the way, I’d prefer if you used only one space between your sentences.

    • Thanks for the kind words, brother.

      As for the double spacing….it’s something that was ingrained in me when I was in elementary school and I’m aware of its unsavory nature. I’ll do my best to break the habit.

      No promises.

  2. I only realized last year that it was “wrong” to use two spaces. Now that I’m dating a designer I don’t think I could ever get away with it again. Thought you’d enjoy my straightforwardness in asking you to break the habit. 🙂

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